Born out of pure love for swimming!

Richard created train2swim back in 2012 to offer swimmers, triathletes and beginner swimmers of all ages a place where they could receive a professional, affordable and fun service!

Teach the Swimmer not the Stroke

When teaching or coaching we build a stroke that is specific to you using the latest tried and tested methods from some of the worlds most renowned swimming coaches! Why do we do it this way? Because we want you to achieve and exceed your potential and to do that we need to be specific to you!

If any of this peaks your interest then get in contact with us to day for a free chat about your aims and goals!

Richard is a very good coach. He explains everything clearly and empowers you to push on and attain your swimming goals whatever they may be. I was a decent swimmer before taking lessons under Richards guidance and my stroke and technique have been improved greatly thanks to his tuition and knowledge.
Andy Flanagan